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Neighborhood bulletin board at Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties.

Grant opportunity to design a neighborhood bulletin board

Sure, lots of neighborhood communications have moved online, but here in Germantown we know there is still a place for the paper flyer. We’re looking for a designer, architect or builder to help us create a neighborhood bulletin board. See photos of outdoor bulletin boards at parks and gardens around Philadelphia for inspiration.

Litter Scavenger Hunt

W Rockland Street is looking for a Junior Block Captain

We’re on the hunt for a new Junior Block Captain on the unit block of W Rockland Street for 2014. Being a block captain is more than just organizing block parties, it’s a real (volunteer) job worthy of a serious job description. Some of the responsibilities below were suggested by children at our first block meeting of the season.

The Blight Stuff: Trash, Vacant Property + Land


Risky Business in Germantown

Nuisance businesses and commercial blight can be a real problem in cities. Here, we look at one example of a business operating unchecked, with no regard for the rules and regulations put into place to protect the community. Learn how to tackle problems like this yourself.

Do-It-Yourself Citizen